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Since the dawn of Time, Humans have built countless types of structures to protect theirselves against natures noctorious weather.Some structures have gone away and crumbled to pieces as the civilization came and gone,yet one such structure has survived hundreds of years unchanged…

"aztec tiki huts"

Offering you the best tiki huts service any where in Florida.With years of experience in tiki hut structures,our crew will bring your a paradise in your home,so you can enjoy your Authentic tiki hut custom made with freshly cut palm fronds.

New Tiki Hut Construction-Our crew can work with you to bring you paradise,let us built you a custom made tiki and be amazed by our knowledge and expertise.

"tiki huts"

Tiki hut Repair- we can repair any tiki hut you have,replace any wood that needs replacement or add a new piece where needed.

":tiki hut repair"

Tiki hut Rethatch- Let our crew remove all of your existing palm fronds and add Freshly cut palm fronds all cut the day before.There is no match to our thatching skills.


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